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About Nathaniel Scott

A native Kentuckian, Nathaniel Scott is  a composer and artist -- he has felt compelled to create art and music for as long as he can remember.  Nathaniel has had a lifelong affinity for movies, because they tell stories in a multitude of exciting ways, and because in the modern age they are the leading facilitators for artists, composers, and others.  For these reasons, Nathaniel pursued parallel careers in film art and film scoring beginning in the early 2000s.

Nathaniel's parents enabled him to have a stimulating and eclectic upbringing, surrounded by art, music, movies, books and more.  His mom, Jeanne Filler Scott, is a professional animal and nature artist, and his dad, Tim L. Scott, is an author, composer, and artist (see the "Links" page for their websites).   Nathaniel went to the University of Kentucky for 5 years of training in music theory, harmony and counterpoint, and had about 10 years of formal piano training.  He is affiliated with ASCAP and the SCL (Society of Composers and Lyricists).

Over the last several years, Nathaniel has composed original music for a number of venues, from commercials to independent films.  He has also contributed art & design to various projects and organizations.  Nathaniel continuously produces art and music in his spare time, while working full-time at the family business, Modern Property Management, Inc., as a website designer, graphic artist, errand runner, application processer and key organizer.







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